What Does It Mean to Have Style?

Over the years, I’ve seen fashion trends and fads come and go and come back again. Fashion magazines, movie stars and other social elite typically dictate what’s ‘in’ for most people. Fortunately, I am not ‘most people.’ I tend to make my own choices when it comes to my wardrobe and accessories. In my opinion, your sense of style is just like common sense- unique to every individual.

If I had to describe my sense of style, I would have to say it was eclectic, comprising of many facets of several different fashion categories. My personality is very evident in my clothing choices. I am bright, warm and giving, yet frilly and a tad bit spoiled. I have been known to be a bit opinionated and bossy. Overall, my look definitely says all girl.

I love bright colors, bold patterns and floral prints. I am most comfortable in dresses because they are feminine and alluring. Typically, most fads and fashion trends do not go over well with me. I look at some of the selections in the stores and wonder how it got there in the first place. I prefer classic, tailored and well made pieces. I throw in a bit of fad for fun especially when choosing accessories . I dictate my own trends. For instance, I heard someone on television once state that polka dots were back in. My immediate thought ally was, “When were they out?” I have worn polka dots for years, whether they were considered in or out, and will continue to do so.

I wanted to know what made other women tick regarding fashion so I hit the pavement to find out. I did a lot of people watching at the mall and at several department stores and then asked some random women how they defined their sense of style. Here are some responses:

Brenda, retired, age 66

I like to find what I like. I like classic things with a few fads thrown in.

Beverly, teacher, age 43

Bright colors, long and flowing to cover ‘specific areas.’ I love to accessorize.

 Judy, nurse, age 55

Casual. I’m a jeans kind of girl. I like the layered look to cover the parts that are unsightly with age. There aren’t enough clothes for women my age.

 Amy, nurse, age 41

Traditional. Not too bright or bold because of the age factor. I like to be comfortable.

 Mallory, sales and marketing, age 21

Professional for work yet for after hours casual and trendy. I like to be comfy but cute.

 Rebecca, retired communications specialist, age 61

Feminine. I do not like clothes that resemble menswear. I wear what strikes my fancy.

 Rossana, department store clerk, age 37

Colorful and feminine. What I wear each day all depends on my mood.

 Lillie, retired bus driver, age 65

Conservative. Stylish and comfortable but I’m not into wearing a lot of colors.

 In general, most of the ladies said they wanted to look good but be comfortable. Several stated that they picked items that they saw and simply liked or thought would look good on them. For the most part, I think most women want to just look in the mirror and like what they see.