My Love Affair with Lycra

I am inclined to believe that the person credited with creating lycra is a woman since it is such a godsend. Lycra, also known as spandex, will correct and hide a myriad of clothing sins. The majority of things hanging in my closet and resting in my dresser drawers have a little bit of this magic weaved into it. Lycra, on those days when one is feeling a bit puffy, will help you hold everything in. Lycra will give that little black dress just the right amount of swish with every step. Add it to brassiere cups and it will help hold everything up.

As a teen, I was pencil thin and throughout high school there was one fashion fad that I was extremely grateful for, baggy pants. I do not mean the roomy things you see on the urban styles today. These baggies, as we called them, were cut with a tapered leg and they had pleats across the front. I loved them because they made me appear to have a shape.

I laugh now because I wear things to enhance what I have rather than hide it. An ex once commented that whatever I wear is either short or long and fitted. He was exactly correct in that clothing stereotype. I am able to do so for two reasons, I have the figure and because of my beloved lycra. Clothing items and undergarments made with lycra are durable, hold their shape, resist pilling and fit extremely well. They are also very breathable.

One of my favorite things to wear with lycra is a simple cotton tee. I love a good soft tee but when that 3-5% of lycra is added it takes it to a whole new level. It makes the tee sleeker and it simply just looks better on. Needless to say, if my choices were pared down to an item with lycra versus one without, I will go with the lycra garment every time.

Hosiery is another item that becomes luxurious when lycra is added. The difference can be seen when the hose are pulled out of the packaging. They are shaped like legs rather than bunched up fabric. My suggestion to women worldwide is to spend that few extra bucks on good lycra hosiery. Your legs will thank you. Anyone looking at your legs will thank you as well…

I was curious to know where this magnificent material comes from. I looked it up and as I was reading all the technical mumbo jumbo I developed a killer headache. At that point, I decided it did not matter where it came from. I am just ecstatic that it exists.  Seriously, lycra is actually called elastane whereas lycra is a brand name. I’ve referred to it as lycra for so long I feel reluctant to call it anything but. It is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, strength and durability.

Invented in the late 50’s by Dupont scientists, it was originally intended to replace rubber in corsets. I’m thinking back to the last time I had on a corset and I again thank goodness for this innovation.