May 28th, 2013

MAC Makeover














Today, I turned 43. I decided I would obsess with my skin today a little more than usual. I have a very basic skin care regimen. I wash my face and moisturize. I wear tons of mascara and I brush my unruly brows. And let’s not forget my apple flavored Chapstick. I was asked by Juan at the MAC counter what I was interested in. I had no clue. I told him I wanted to look naturally flawless and not like I had a face full of makeup. He did a wonderful job. I did not look like me. I was very pleased but sadly I am not sure if I can duplicate this look each morning. I do intend to try.  I love how he sculted my brows. He did all of the makeup application with only two brushes. I was like a canvas and he was a modern day Picasso. He showed me how to use the different products and clearly explained why he did things in the manner and order in which he did. It made sense unlike looking at the magazine articles. He answered my questions knowledgeably but in layman’s terms so that I understood. I told him he was my new BFF.