Flip Flop Sale of the Century

Here We Go!

Whether you call it the deal of the century or a clever marketing ploy, Old Navy is on to something with its $1 Flip Flop Sale. It’s almost like a holiday. Old Navy flip flops are the most comfortable and durable flip flops for such a reasonable price. Ordinarily, they are $3.50 or two pair for $5. To me, that is a great deal within itself. I think getting them for $1 is like putting fudge on ice cream and then adding cake and cookies.

They have been having this wondrous event for about four or five years. I missed the first one. Well, I didn’t miss it. I just missed out because I slept in. Never again.  I set the alarm clock and get there like I’m going to stand in line for George Strait concert tickets.  The first year was a madhouse, as it should have been expected. They have since streamlined the process. Each subsequent year it seems more organized, better staffed and well stocked.

Last year, I went right in to my secret Old Navy location as soon as the door opened. There was no line to get in the door. I grabbed my five pairs and walked right up to the counter. I was out the door in about fifteen minutes flat. I felt like I’d just finished a decathlon. Easy as pie. I even came back a few hours later and grabbed another three pairs.

Armed with hot coffee, this year, I headed to the Old Navy closest to me.  When I got there and saw the line I did not even bother to get out of the car. I returned to my secret Old Navy! Walked right in again. I sincerely appreciate this company for bringing my summer wardrobe staple to me and the general public for just a buck! I look forward to it every year!


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