Date Nite

Hunny and I have Date Nite on Thursday. We are newly in love so it is considered an event. Our plan is that Date Nite always be something to get excited about. Anyway, I’m standing in the middle of my closet ransacking it. I’m looking for something to wear while trying to refrain from uttering that old standby, “I have nothing to wear.”

I want to put together something really pretty. Something that says arm candy. Seriously, he tells me repeatedly that I am pretty. I never tire of hearing it, of course, but there is something about the way his eyes sparkle when I walk out on date night and announce that I’m ready.

For tonight, I decide on red, his favorite color. I look at my options. I consider where we are headed and the fact that the temperature is up in the zillions. A dress is my best options.  I have five red ones. Which one do I wear?

We ladies dress for our guys.  So never believe when you hear otherwise. Don’t get me wrong. I am the poster child for all independent women out there and my appearance is a priority for me.  I want to look pretty for me. I always have. However sexist it may sound, I also do it for my fella. It is a part of that whole dating ritual. We as humans want to be appealing to our mates.

I’m sure there are a few chicks that will say that they don’t have a man. For these ladies, I am more than certain that the majority is dressing to get one.  Whether you have a mate, are looking or could care less, to some degree some thought of the opposite sex goes into your appearance.

So, what am I to do for tonight?

I look at dress number one. It is a bit too frilly. I’m going to a wedding this weekend and may opt to wear it then. Dress number two screams out garden party. Number three is too slinky. In the end, I have two to choose from that are suitable.  I’m probably still gonna be wrapped in a towel putting on mascara when he gets here anyway. I’m running now to hop in the shower and shave my legs….