About Kaye……

Nothing to wear…..??? Please!

I am forever saying these three little words when I know for a fact it has never been true. The first step is admitting you have a problem. My name is Kaye. I am a clothes horse. But I have no intention of going through a twelve step program for it. I am somewhat obsessed with my closet. That is how I was made.

I have been into my clothes since I was a little girl. My favorite outfit as a kindergartener was a sage green turtleneck dress. I can still picture it in my head. Hair ribbons and lace socks to boot. My mom dressed me up like a little doll and I was naturally prissy. That was the beginning of the monster!

Friends, fayomily and co-workers constantly make comments about my clothes. I hear comments like, “Why are you so dressed up?” or “Where are you going in that?” I simply like to be pretty. I also love to share my opinion about what looks good and what doesn’t.  Even when I’m not asked… I am readily available to help you with organizing your closet, your wardrobe building and shopping needs.

Over the years my obsession has amassed quite a collection of clothes, shoes, purses and various accessories. I was asked if I ever repeat an outfit. (Of course I do!) The question peaked my interest, so ultimately I want to see how many days I can go without repeating a complete outfit. Let’s see….